Kofi Kingston Says New Day Already Earned A Spot In The WWE Hall Of Fame

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Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods make up The New Day and its been quite a wild ride full of trombones, unicorns, and pancakes.

Wrestling News caught up with Kofi Kingston recently and asked him about Big E or Woods getting a shot at a legit title run. Kingston said that they’re already WWE Hall Of Famers because of what they’ve already accomplished.

“E and Woods both. Honestly, all of us are already in the Hall Of Fame, not to toot my own horn or whatever. The New Day, we’ve already done so many significant things. E and Woods are incredibly talented individuals. I’m so blessed to have been grouped with these guys and to have met these guys … There’s big things always.”

There’s no doubt that E or Woods deserve their time as singles, but we’ll just have to see what the future holds.

It took Kofi Kingston well over a decade to finally make it to KofiMania. Even if it doesn’t happen for every single member of The New Day they have already left a huge impression on WWE History.

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