WWE Superstar Wants To Take Out The Undertaker For Good

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The Undertaker is set to appear on SmackDown Live this week. We’re not sure what he will be doing, but if Sami Zayn has anything to say about it, The Dead Man won’t be making it to Madison Square Garden.

Zayn commented on a post about The Undertaker as he took part in ESPN GameDay. It doesn’t sound like Sami Zayn is a very big fan of The Phenom. He might not be a fan of college football from the sound of it either.

I should really do The Undertaker the favor of a lifetime and take him out for good. -SZ

Commenting about taking The Undertaker out for good on a post about his College GameDay appearance is a pretty strange place to make that kind of statement. We’ll just have to wait and see if WWE will even give Zayn the opportunity.

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