Indie Wrestler Trolls Scammer ‘Promoter’ In Epic Fashion

The modern day era is full of scammers all looking to make a quick buck off of anyone they can. This is also happening in pro wrestling.

There is a scam going on where people are messaging indie wrestlers and trying to sign them to a contract. It’s weird and there are a couple scammy angles they can take, but it never results in the promises made to the pro wrestlers targeted.

RCA Wrestling seems to be a new indie fed trying to sign wrestlers to bogus deals. Their Twitter account which was started in September 2019 says: “Official Twitter for RCA Wrestling — The RCA Wrestling on @Fitetv Era begins – November 22 2019. We’re Signing Wrestlers!!!”

Rob Killjoy of the Ugly Ducklings was recently a target of one of these scams, but he wasn’t a victim at all. He turned things around on the scammers who had an excellent grasp of the English language. Needless to say, he had a lot of fun at their expense.

Guys! I finally made it! Consider this my official resignation from @3MotherDuckers! Heading to the @RCAWrestling_ pond all by my lonesome! #ThisDuckFliesAlone #SexyGhostbustersSocks #OverByOsmosis

When Killjoy was promised a gig at the Staples Center from RCA Wrestling, he wanted “$40 per shot, Popeye’s Chicken every show. I also need my own dressing room with a haunted bathroom.”

Then when “RCA Wrestling” asked for a picture he sent them a candid of a Mr. Potato Head. Let’s just see if RCA Wrestling packs the Staples Center for their first show while doing incredible numbers on Fite TV.