Sheamus hasn’t made a return to the ring since WrestleMania, but during his time away from WWE he has gotten in amazing shape.

The Celtic Warrior has sought out to find the most intense workouts possible from anyone who will be willing to show him how it’s done. This sometimes finds Sheamus traveling around just to workout and get episodes for his YouTube series in line.

In a recent episode of Celtic Warrior Workouts, Sheamus trained with Coach John Kavanagh who also happens to train another famous Irish fighter, Conor McGregor.

Sheamus has commented in the past on E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness that he would be willing to make a return to WWE, but they haven’t called him yet.


“If they ever let me back in there I think it’s definitely gonna help. The funny thing is when I was with Cesaro, which was one of the funnest times in my career, tagging with Cesaro with The Bar.”

“It’s funny in tag team wrestling when you get in there and are going 100 miles an hour. ‘Alright I need to get a breath,’ so he’ll tag himself in and of course, [Cesaro] would never run out of breath so I’d have to tag myself back in, but yeah it’ll be interesting to see. I’d like to find out how much better my wind is ring-wise.”

You can check out the video below. Notorious didn’t show up while Sheamus was there, but it’s still a pretty entertaining video.

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