Cody Rhodes is an Executive Vice President of All Elite Wrestling which is a company that has been applauded toward their inclusion of all people, because wrestling is for everyone. One recent misinterpretation at AAA’s TripleMania almost landed Cody in a tough spot.

Cody Rhodes tagged with Psycho Clown and Cain Velasquez at TripleMania to face Los Mercenarios (Texano Jr. and Taurus) and Killer Kross. Cody’s team won which was a big moment for the show, but the chanting was the real issue.

During their match at TripleMania, Psycho Clown had Cain Velasquez and Cody join in with a chant of “puto” toward their foes. This chant has drawn some criticism because of the homophobic connotation that some perceive it to mean.

SB Nation’s Outsports reached out to AEW for a comment and they replied back saying Cody Rhodes had no idea this chant could be taken that way. It was an accident because he didn’t know the connotations. If Rhodes would have known he certainly wouldn’t have taken part in the chant.


Cody joined his teammates at AAA TripleMania for what he understood to be their post-match tradition in Mexico and was unaware of any negative connotations. Certainly the last thing Cody would want to do is to hurt or offend anyone, anywhere.

This seems to be a case of cultural misunderstanding. It can happen from time to time, but Cody Rhodes has no amount of hate in him toward any LGBTQ cause of people.

Maybe next time Cody wrestles somewhere that English isn’t the primary language he will ask before getting people to chant something when he might not understand the meaning.

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H Jenkins

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