Big E Trolls Twitter By Joking About Using Profanities

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Big E is quite observant and he sees what other Superstars are tweeting. Now he wants in on the potty-mouth game.

E must have seen a tweet from Tommaso Ciampa where he told Matt Riddle to “go f*ck yourself.” Then the New Day member decided to fire off a great tweet to explain his new tactic on social media.

Oh, we can cuss on this app?! As soon as I get word I have impunity, I’m going to @ all my coworkers who can S my F’ing D from the back.

We’ll just have to see if Big E will ever write the rest of those words that were signified by letters. In the meantime, WWE Superstars will still continue to represent the company by whatever means they decide is best for their individual characters.

It also seems like Matt Riddle could have some legit backstage heat on him.

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