MJF to 10-Year Old: “You Shut Your Mouth You F*cking Brat!”

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MJF is the Salt Of The Earth, don’t @ us about that fact. Now he is continuing to prove it on social media.

One fan attempted to show respect for Maxwell Jacob Friedman by saying: “I respect MJF’s heel work because he’s committed to being the Most Gotten To wrestler in the world. A 10-year-old just told him he’s going to lose and MJF stopped fighting to scream ‘You shut your mouth you f*cking brat’ and then ‘RESPECT ME’ over and over”

MJF read this tweet and simply responded saying: “Don’t talk during my matches.” It’s a very reasonable suggestion to simply pay attention when Friedman is working.

We’ll have to see what kind of antics MJF has in store for fans on TNT, but he’s off to a great start riling up fans and he hasn’t even really gotten started yet.


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