Former WCW Star Calls Chris Jericho Losing AEW Title ‘Karma’

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Chris Jericho lost the AEW World Title when it appeared to have been stolen. It looks like police have recovered it and we can’t wait to find out the story behind his situation.

It turns out that Disco Inferno wasn’t torn up at all to hear that Jericho lost his AEW World Title. He summed it up to being about karma because of all the “slanderous things that assclown said” about him. We’re guessing the assclown in this instance is supposedly Jericho.

Been off @Twitter today and I log in to find out that in one of the more amateurish things you will ever see a wrestler do, @IAmJericho lost the world title. That is #karma for the slanderous things that #AssClown said about me. #StupidIdiot @AEW

That was a pretty cold thing for Disco Inferno to say, but we’re guessing he doesn’t mind much. He was able to tag Jericho in the message as well, but for future reference he might want to try including a tag for the real All Elite Wrestling’s Twitter account in case he wants them to be alerted about what he has to say in the future.

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