WWE Staff Unsure About Eric Bischoff’s Role In WWE

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Eric Bischoff is now the Executive Director of SmackDown Live, but he hasn’t had his hand in creative at all.

Brad Shepard reports that there is some question backstage regarding what Eric Bischoff is really doing. Right now he “isn’t doing a hell of a lot.” Perhaps the Fox deal will shed more light on what Bischoff’s role really is.

According to a source in #WWE, there’s a growing skepticism internally of the meaning behind Eric Bischoff’s role lately. So far, he’s unable to make real changes to #SDLive. I was told he “isn’t doing a hell of a lot.” This will be a dynamic to watch going into Fox.

Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman were both brought into WWE as Executive Directors of different brands, but their roles have been very different already. It will be interesting to see how Eric Bischoff’s role might evolve as time goes on, but right now it doesn’t appear that he’s backstage much.

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