Brandi Rhodes Almost Told The Elite Not To Book Britt Baker At All In

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Britt Baker was AEW’s first female signing, but she almost never got booked.

All In featured a match that saw Tessa Blanchard defeat Dr. Britt Baker, Chelsea Green, and Madison Rayne. Now all of those women are signed to three different companies, but it almost never happened for Baker.

Brandi Rhodes admitted during the Women Of AEW panel at Starrcast III that she almost told The Elite not to book Britt Baker at All In. She was very passionate about what they were doing, but it might have been a bit excessive.

“Britt was painfully persistent to get booked at All In so much so that I almost wanted to say don’t book her because she’s doing too much. Really I thought, you know what? Someone who is that passionate and sees this vision like we didn’t even know how far this was gonna go.”

“Someone who had the opportunity to do other things. She had the opportunity to do a Mae Young or an NXT or absolutely go to Impact or somewhere else, she was so persistent with us so that made me know that she’s the right person to be in this type of organization.”

“So absolutely, once we figured out we were doing this scale, the first person that I wanted was Britt Baker and I got her, yay.”

Britt Baker did sign with AEW, but now the real test will begin for AEW’s resident dentist. She will need to defeat 20 other women in the Casino Battle Royale match at All Out. One of them will apparently be Brandi Rhodes.

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