Jon Moxley isn’t able to work his scheduled match against Kenny Omega at All Out. Luckily for us, Omega just so happened to be filming material for AEW when he heard about the announcement.

The Cleaner spoke his mind about Jon Moxley pulling out of the match after he was told that Mox wanted to break his jaw.

“What a sad story, don’t you just feel sorry for Jon Moxley? He just showed up, he defied the wrestling god, came to AEW, threw me off a stack of chips and then he went on a warrior’s journey. He wanted to know what it was like to live a month in the life of Kenny Omega’s shoes.”

“Insert wrestler name here, greater than sign, Kenny Omega… because people were doing that with you, they were, they were. Cause you were like the hot topic for 15 minutes, this is a redemption for you. In the excitement of being a free man, you called it a ‘Paradigm Shift’ — that was cool, it could go on a shirt.”

“Then you went to Japan. How did that tournament go in Japan? Did you win? I know that I did, first try. I got the shirt to prove it. You decided to check off all those boxes in that bucket list of yours. Did anyone really talk about you in Japan?”

“You got a boo boo on your elbow. What’s your explanation? Are you just going to write a sappy tweet apologizing the everyone? Make everyone feel bad for you? Kenny, what happened to the dream match? Kenny, what happened to Jon Moxley? What happened to my dream?! Did I go to Japan and wrestle 24 days in the month before fighting you? No, I did this thing Jon, it’s called being a professional.”

“What am I supposed to say? I took you seriously, I got myself ready. I got myself in the best shape of my life. You never took me seriously, you never took this pay-per-view seriously. You owe everyone an apology, you owe me an apology, and you should look yourself in the mirror and you should ask yourself, ‘What the f*ck am I doing?'”

“I’m playing this all back in my mind and I’m thinking, ‘Oh sh*t, this is a really serious injury, it could have happened to anybody, right?’ You were careless, I blame you and if people want to look at me like I’m the bad guy, then their just as bad as you are, Jon.”

Kenny Omega said that there are a lot of disappointed fans at his feet and they’re all begging for something now. “What kind of wrestler does that?” he asked.

Omega checked off the things that Moxley has been able to do since leaving WWE. This included working the indies, Japan, and a hardcore match. Then Kenny Omega said that he could wish Mox the best and speediest recovery, “but at this point, I could really give a sh*t if you come back.”

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