Steve Austin On Kayfabe Being Dead

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“Stone Cold” Steve Austin lived the gimmick in a lot of ways during his heyday, but kayfabe seems to be a thing of the past nowadays.

The Rattlesnake recently posted an animated gif of himself giving The Rock one of his patented Stunners. He said that Dwayne Johnson should win an “Academy Award for best selling of a Stunner.”

One fans replied saying: “Love SCSA but hate this tweet. “Academy”, ‘selling’… ugh. Yes, I realize kayfabe is dead but can’t you just say it’s a devastating move and that’s why it fucked Rock all up?”

This caused Austin to reply saying: “Wake up bruh. It’s almost 2020. People kinda know what’s up.” It’s kinda a sad day when “Stone Cold” gives up on kayfabe, but that is just another sign of the times.

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