Cody Rhodes Explains Why He Doesn’t Use His Father’s Bionic Elbow

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Cody Rhodes is the son of pro wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes, but he’s not a tribute act.

Rhodes was recently asked if he was going to ever use his father’s famous Bionic Elbow. There’s a reason why he hasn’t, because The Grandson Of A Plumber is his own individual forging a unique path through pro wrestling. The move isn’t his, but he’s not against using it on a special occasion.

It’s not mine. I can’t be a tribute act.

However, I do save it for the rare occasional moment when I really feel it in my bones/heart. Not sure if I can really pull it off even.

Dusty Rhodes’ memory will live on not only though his sons, but also through NXT, a developmental territory that he helped shape. It’s rather ironic that both of those sides are going to war on Wednesday nights very soon. This only goes to show exactly how influential of an individual The American Dream was. That doesn’t mean that Cody will be using his father’s famous elbow strike on a full-time basis.

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