WWE makes a lot of interesting creative decisions, but one thing they do actually keeps up with pro wrestling history. Because every star needs to look tough during their entrance.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez was making a point about WWE losing so much fan interest when he brought up something that WWE tells their Superstars.

“They tell the guys to do, don’t limp on your entrance, don’t sell during your entrance — do your same entrance.”

“That’s true,” Dave Meltzer remarked confirming this as their practice. Then he pointed out that this has just been a standard of pro wrestling for years, but it’s not clear why. There could be an occasion every now and then when someone is taped up or selling after an especially bad beatdown, but the general rule of thumb is if you get a cinder block broken over your knee one week, you’ll walk fine the next.


If Superstars were permitted to sell an injury or favor one particular body part then perhaps fans might get into matches even more. However, that’s just not what they are told to do. If they were allowed to show how much they’re really hurting a lot of them might be limping to the ring every week.

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