Vince McMahon Is Set To Change A Lot About NXT

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Vince McMahon is in another war, but this time it’s with AEW. The new Wednesday Night War is going to take a lot out of fans, but it will also likely change a lot about NXT.

Dave Meltzer addressed the change that is bound to come for NXT during Wrestling Observer Radio. Because if Vince McMahon has another show on the USA Network then there’s no way he’s staying away from it.

“It also means that no matter what that everyone who also thinks that Vince McMahon isn’t going to get involved — you know like, it’s on the USA Network. Vince is not going to be hands-off on a show on the USA Network.”

Perhaps the last set of NXT television tapings were the final set of tapings without Vince McMahon’s creative control. You can check those out here.

Things could be changing a lot for NXT down the line, but we’ll probably know Vince McMahon’s influence when we see it in NXT soon enough since fans are well aware of his booking strategy at this point.

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