Dolph Ziggler Reacts After SoCal Val Says She Can Kick His Ass

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Dolph Ziggler has a lot of fans, but he also has a lot of people who are sure they could kick his ass.

SoCal Val recently opened up her Twitter for a Q&A and one fan asked her: “Who would you like to wrestle who you haven’t had a chance to wrestle yet?”

Val replied saying that she’s not a wrestler, but she definitely thinks she could kick Dolph Ziggler’s ass.

Well I’m not a wrestler and the handful of times I did wrestle I absolutely hated it.

Saying that…I think I could most definitely kick @HEELZiggler’s ass.

Ziggler obviously saw this and replied back saying: “Same.” Then he proceeded to admit that it might be hard to kick his ass seeing how he has buns of steel.

ps: Val could most definitely kick my ass…if she wanted to break her foot on my buns of steel

Obviously, Dolph Ziggler and SoCal Val get along better than she does with Baron Corbin.

This was a pretty interesting little interaction, but it also makes us wonder why she would automatically turn her focus to the Show-Off in this fashion.

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