Lacey Evans Puts Nasties In Their Place At Meet & Greet

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Lacey Evans is the Lady Of WWE and she isn’t afraid to put nasties in their place.

Evans recently took part in a meet & greet and it looks like every person in the line got a taste of her attitude. She didn’t drop her heel persona at all and went from shutting down presumptuous men to insulting their grooming habits.

She also made sure that people knew who they should be cheering for. She is very direct and sure of herself both in and out of the ring. It looks like everyone got a little promo from Evans which is great to see. Because she is definitely living that character.

She wasn’t ashamed of this at all as she made it very clear in the caption to this video.

Nasties….. Lost individuals who lack motivation and proper etiquette. People who need role models like me to fix what they have so badly messed up in their pitiful lives. Meet and Greets help me do just that

Some Superstars might drop their personas when interacting with the fans, but Evans knows what fans come to see. Because some people just need to be reminded how nasty they are and that’s why WWE needs to keep sending Lacey Evans out for more interactions with the WWE Universe.

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