Becky Lynch Says ‘People Don’t Want To See The Man Needing A Man’

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Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins’ relationship is a very public thing at this point and WWE had no issue making sure that it was something that every fan understood. That might not have been the best way to go about things if you ask The Man.

While speaking to Barnburner, Becky Lynch discussed how WWE handled her relationship with Seth Rollins on camera. She said that people didn’t want to see her needing a man to take care of her and everything seemed very forced.

“People don’t want to see The Man needing a man. They don’t want to see Seth Rollins needing anybody else because we’re two powerful entities on our own. Fighting side-by-side it’s like, ‘I got your back, you got my back, let’s do this, let’s the bejesus out of these people — that’s cool. When it’s all about our freaking relationship and that’s forced nobody was into that. Am I wrong? Am I wrong? No, people were like: ‘We get it, we know, shut the hell up.'”

“Sometimes I think we over-explain things where it’s like let’s let people make up their own minds. Then whatever opinions they have that’s their opinions.”

It seems like WWE has recently lightened up on the constant references reminding fans that Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are in a relationship. However, it still creeps into commentary from time to time.

Becky Lynch is pretty passionate about fans having their own opinions. It is because of those opinions from the WWE Universe that she became The Man in the first place.

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