Warner Media Executive Says AEW Will Be ‘Surprising’

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AEW has a lot of fans who might be former WWE fans, but either way, they are still following All Elite Wrestling all over to sell out buildings. Therefore, it stands to reason that AEW could do very well upon their TNT debut on October 2nd.

While speaking to Variety, WarnerMedia direct-to-consumer chief content officer and TBS/TNT/TrutTV president Kevin Reilly that AEW has a lot of potential and this “sleeper” could end up surprising a lot of people.

“All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is going to be a sleeper. It’s very counter-intuitive to launch a new league at the height of the WWE. But I have a lot of reasons why it makes sense where the opportunity is. We’re not taking down the WWE but I think this is going to be surprising.”

It really might be a good idea to pay attention to AEW because WWE obviously has been keeping an eye on them as well.

AEW could surprise a lot of people, especially in a day where there are so many more ways to watch things. Because in the end, the Wednesday Night Wars will probably just give pro wrestling fans even more content to DVR.

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