Ali Talks WWE Giving Him Freedom To Do His Own Vignettes

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Plenty of WWE Superstars get treated in their own unique way, but few get to film their own vignettes elsewhere and just deliver the finished product to WWE.

While speaking to Barnburner, Ali was asked about his unique promos. He has vignettes that air on SmackDown Live which are extremely unique and unlike anything else being presented right now.

He said that there has been some clashing over his character with the WWE writers. Therefore, he films his own segments and brings them in. They are aired on television which gives Ali a very interesting bit and form of creative control. He might not get to book his own matches, but his character’s presentation is apparently largely up to him.

Ali wants to portray a very positive influence with his character and has spoken in the past about how he doesn’t like being a heel because it further establishes Islamophobia. It is actually pretty great that WWE allows Ali the freedom to express himself in this way though his babyface position as a WWE Superstar.

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