Paige Shows Off Loads Of Gifts She Received After Neck Surgery

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Paige went under the knife this week to correct a neck issue. When she woke up from surgery she discovered that a lot of people really care about her as if she needed a reminder.

She is one of the more popular Superstars and Paige also has a lot of people in her life who really care as well. So while Paige was recovering in the hospital, she received a ton of gifts from her friends.

Along with a picture of the massive collection of flowers, snacks, and other “Get Well Soon” cards, Paige included a great message about the people in her life that really stepped up to let her know how much they care.

Can’t thank my friends enough. Sending me some wonderful gifts after my surgery! Thank you

We’re very happy to see that Paige is not only doing well after her surgery, but she’s also got plenty of support. Hopefully, she will be able to make it back to WWE television soon enough because the Kabuki Warriors have to be missing her too.

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