More On Nia Jax Deleting Her Twitter Account

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Nia Jax recently surprised a lot of her fans when she deleted her Twitter account. She did this unannounced and without any obvious reason why.

She did keep her Instagram account open though only it seems she deleted any WWE reference from her description. Jax posted an Instagram story not long ago as well which could give us a clue as to why she deleted her Twitter.

Jax uploaded a quote from Word Porn that says: “Privacy is power. What people don’t know, they can’t ruin.”

We would like to thank the awesome reader who sent this to us. They are concerned about Nia Jax. They probably don’t need to worry though because she can always reactivate her Twitter account. Perhaps when she makes her in-ring return Nia Jax will once again re-appear on Twitter.

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