Why Bray Wyatt Was Kept Off WWE Television This Week

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Bray Wyatt was the talk of the WWE Universe after Summerslam, but he didn’t show up on Raw or SmackDown after that. There is a good reason for his absence.

Brad Shepard reports on Oh, You Didn’t Know that WWE didn’t use Bray Wyatt this week because they want to increase his character’s mystique. Using him every week might burn fans out on The Fiend. Therefore, they held off on having him appear this week to build anticipation for his next appearance.

“The idea to keep The Fiend off of Raw was to build mystique for his character, but really also the beginning toward the soft pull-back for the brand split. They now see Bray as a potential draw to the SmackDown show which will be a focus.”

WWE allowed Bray Wyatt to do something very interesting with his character as he re-invented himself. Now we will have to wait for the next time he emerges. Keeping Wyatt off of television will only make fans want to see him more so when he shows up there will be a bigger reason for his presence.

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