There are many legends both past and present that have competed inside of a WWE ring, but two that are doing some of the best work outside of the squared circle in the modern era are The Rock and Diamond Dallas Page.

Both had incredibly different roads to success in their respective careers, with The Great One doing the majority of his best work at quite a young age – whereas DDP didn’t really even hit his prime until he was in his late-30s.

Whatever the case may be, though, it’s great to see both of them doing so well, with The Rock continuing to thrive in Hollywood whereas DDP Yoga continues to be one of the best exercise products out there today.

It doesn’t seem likely that either man will compete in the ring again, although there have still been some calls for Johnson to go one on one with his cousin Roman Reigns – in what would almost certainly be his last match in professional wrestling.


For the time being, though, they can continue to be trailblazers in their respective fields, and occasionally pop up at the odd reunion show or WrestleMania here and there.

Above all else, though, this is one of the reasons why social media is so great. Fans get to see interactions between some of their favourite stars that they otherwise wouldn’t have (unless it was featured on some kind of DVD). Sure, it can be overused sometimes, but many of WWE’s top stars from years gone by seem to have found the balance.

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