Roman Reigns Reflects On Exciting Match Against Buddy Murphy On SmackDown Live

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One of the highlights of SmackDown Live last night was the incredible showdown between Roman Reigns and Buddy Murphy, which helped to highlight what a phenomenal talent the former Cruiserweight Champion really is.

The storyline surrounding Roman’s attacker served as a nice set-up for this feud, which gave Buddy the chance to finally showcase what he can do on the main roster – around four months after he was called up in the first place.

It was clear to see that Reigns was appreciative of his opponent’s efforts in the immediate aftermath of their match, but now, he’s also taken to social media in order to give his thoughts on the former NXT star.

It’s always good to gain some respect from your peers, and that’s what we think is happening here. Roman recognises that Buddy is going to be a big player in the next few years, and giving him that seal of approval will help the WWE Universe to realise that.

We’re hoping that he stays in his current heel role, simply because we love the idea of a bad guy who is able to use his skills in the ring to win matches as opposed to cheating at the first available opportunity.

From a storyline perspective, it makes sense for Reigns to move on to Rowan and Daniel Bryan now, but we wouldn’t be too upset if they decided to re-visit this mini-feud at some point in the next few weeks.

Either way, both men deserve a lot of credit.

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