Former WWE Superstar Joins Bullet Club

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The Bullet Club got a new addition to their ranks last night and a lot of WWE fans will remember their newest member by a different name.

KENTA is now the latest member of The Bullet Club. Of course, KENTA was known as Hideo Itami in WWE.

This all happened as KENTA, YOSHI-HASHI, and Tomohiro Ishii teamed up to take on the Bullet Club consisting of Bad Luck Fale, and Guerillas Of Destiny. KENTA was never even tagged in during the match and then he turned on his partners allowing Tama Tonga to pin Ishii.

This is a big addition to the Bullet Club and it could also be a big sign that the stable has a lot of life left in it after so many members have cycled out of their ranks throughout the years.

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