WWE Reportedly Cut Big Angle From Summerslam

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Summerslam was not the long event that we were all expecting. In fact, it was over by 10:30 PM EST. It turns out that Vince McMahon apparently hacked a good chunk of the script up.

Brad Shepard reports that WWE wrote a big segment out of the show involving Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, and Rowan. Instead, they only alluded to the storyline and showed a highlight reel from the previous weeks with no addition to the story.

So they wrote out the big segment planned with Roman/Rowan/Bryan and ended the show with boring babyface Seth Rollins beating Brock Lesnar again. It looks like we’re in for more boring Seth and Becky on Raw – Yikes!

This is a pretty interesting development and it makes us wonder why they decided to take this out of the script. Perhaps they’re saving whatever they had planned at Summerslam for the next show since they’re in the same building for Raw and SmackDown this week.

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