Triple H is quick to defend NXT’s booking decisions especially if he wants to put stop to conspiracy theories about AEW.

During the conference call after NXT TakeOver: Toronto, Mike Johnson of PW Insider asked Triple H about the ending of the night. They lowered a cage with all sorts of weapons tied to it including the top being wrapped in barbed wire for Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole to wrestle in.

Johnson asked Triple H how this booking decision might not fall in line with Vince McMahon’s “blood and guts” comment about AEW. This caused Triple H to question a lot of things and also throw some serious shade at people creating conspiracy theories.

“When you say there was ‘very little blood,’ you mean none,” Triple H said.


Johnson replied by pointing out that Adam Cole’s back was cut a little bit after taking the final table bump off the top of the cage. Needless to say, Triple H didn’t really appreciate that.

“Honest to god you’re gonna call me out on that? I mean he gets scraped on the table. No — honest to god, you’re digging deep for this one. I gotta tell you guys there was nothing in that cage except for the barbed wire at the top which didn’t get used… did not get used.”

“There was nothing in that cage that you haven’t been seeing on TV in WWE consistently. So, to say this is some kind — man, you guys gotta get off your conspiracy theory stuff. You’re digging hard, but you’re making yourself look stupid.”

“I mean in general, you’re digging hard for something that ain’t there […] What did [Vince] say? He said ‘blood and guts’… did you see blood? Intentional blood? Right, you just answered the question so what you’re digging for isn’t there. Like, that’s the ridiculous thing in this. There was nothing there that you have not seen. Barbed wire as a deterrent for leaving the cage did not get used. Nobody intentionally bled, there was no blood anywhere… there were chairs, there were Kendo sticks. There were pliers, not needle-nosed so those were different, but what else was different? What was the gore and the guts that we went to that is making you say that this was a different turn?”

Triple H said that they teased it, but they didn’t go any further because his argument is that they didn’t go that direction. This was a rather uncomfortable question and answer portion of the conference call, to say the lease.

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