Finn Balor usually stays in fantastic shape, but apparently, it just comes natural for him.

GQ recently spoke to Finn Balor where he revealed that his workout regiment is not anywhere close to what you would assume. Because not only does he not do any cardio training, but all he needs to do is maintain his diet and he keeps his look.

“People would be pretty surprised at how little training I do.”

“If I feel like I’m out of shape, I can tighten it up in four days with my training and diet and be exactly where I need to be.”


“I think it’s a little bit of both. Obviously, they go hand in hand. But I would lean more towards made in the kitchen. I can tell you right now that I do absolutely zero cardio.”

“If I go into a regular gym, I will sit on the bike for six minutes simply to transition my brain from being in civilization to the gym. Not for any sort of calorie burn or warmup or anything like that. Don’t ask me why it’s six minutes, that’s just a weird OCD thing that I have. And I won’t train for more than an hour. There will be a long period beforehand with some active stretching, and then I’ll do a little bit of accessory work first. I won’t do anything that’s going to jeopardize what I do in the ring, so I’m not going to do any heavy squats, any heavy deadlifts.”

“I’m more worried about the accessory work and making sure all the joints are in place with rotation, especially with my shoulder injuries in the past. I want to do all that accessory work first when I’m fresh, I’m concentrating, I’m focused, and then I’ll hit a little bit hypertrophy bodybuilding towards the end, but we’re talking maybe three drop sets of rows, or something like that.”

Finn Balor has a big match at Summerslam against Bray Wyatt. That could be a very physical match and The Fiend is probably going to show Balor what he’s been working on in a big way.

Not only does Balor have to deal with the Mandible Claw and Sister Abigail, but there is no telling what else Bray Wyatt might have up his sleeves. It doesn’t sound like Finn Balor needs to workout much to maintain his physique, but he might want to do an extra round in the gym just in case.

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