WWE Reportedly Plans Big Meeting For Superstars Before Summerslam

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WWE has made a couple of very interesting decisions as they head toward Summerslam. The professional wrestling climate is unlike it’s been for nearly twenty years and that could play into it.

We previously reported that WWE reportedly nixed a planned Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns match for Summerslam. This came after the company apparently canceled a planned angle for Bryan as well.

Now Brad Shepard reports that WWE has a big talent meeting scheduled for the morning before Summerslam. The biggest question is what kind of topics this likely “rah rah” session will cover.

I was told this morning it was being scrapped, so we’ll see if that changes by Sunday. Yesterday’s #SDLive re-write left everyone confused. There’s a big talent meeting being held Sunday morning.

WWE will often call talent meetings to rally up their troops before a big show. At a time like this WWE Superstars might be able to use some extra motivation. Because a few of them reportedly want out of the company so they can seek their fortunes elsewhere in the professional wrestling world.

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