Betting Odds Of Which WWE Superstar Will Leave For AEW First

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AEW might very well be the destination for some WWE Superstars. This is no real secret because it’s already happened. However, who will jump first is the real question.

Sports Betting Dime now has odds of who will jump from AEW first. In this instance it’s kind of hard to argue with some of those odds, but at the same time someone like Dolph Ziggler might not be too quick to give up his unique deal with WWE at all.

Time is always a factor as well because WWE has people locked into different contracts with varying lengths of time. The company is also known for tacking on more time to a contract or freezing it is someone goes out of action or takes a hiatus like Sasha Banks did.

We’ll have to wait and see how things pan out, but Dave Meltzer reported that it would blow our minds to know how many WWE Superstars want to be in AEW.

Dolph Ziggler (+200)
Finn Balor (+275)
Shinsuke Nakamura (+300)
Luke Harper (+450)
Sasha Banks (+1000)
Rusev (+1000)
The Revival (+1000)

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