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Kofi Kingston has Randy Orton to deal with at Summerslam if he wants to keep his WWE Championship. He will likely do his best to squash his history with the Apex Predator before this Sunday.

Kevin Owens is looking to get a piece of Shane McMahon before their scheduled Summerslam battle. Let’s just see if he can get his hands on him as he hosts another episode of The Kevin Owens Show.

Aleister Black will also have to answer to Sami Zayn’s Summerslam challenge. Our guess is he’s willing to fight anyone who wants to pick a fight with him.


Roman Reigns will also be looking for the man (Daniel Bryan) who is trying to kill him.

Charlotte Flair is facing Trish Stratus at Summerslam and she didn’t really get much Stratusfaction last night, but there’s always SmackDown Live.

Opening Segment

Charlotte Flair comes out in full gear with a robe and everything. She looked just as confident as ever. They were really working The Queen Of All Eras gimmick on commentary.

Flair said most strive for greatness, but they don’t have what it takes (genetics) to achieve it just like Trish Stratus.

She kept cutting a promo on Trish Stratus and then they played a promo of Charlotte and Trish. Charlotte didn’t look happy about the Stratus package… but it was interesting how Jim Ross’ commentary was prominently on display during that promo.

Then Trish Stratus came out and she said “The Queen isn’t used to getting what she wants” and then Flair said that Trish drove a minivan there. Stratus said she’s been dreaming of one more match and it’s been eating at her. So everything that Flair said was right because “you are the embodiment of everything that I fought for.”

She wants to prove it to herself, her kids, and the fans. Then she quotes Harley Race saying there’s no greater feeling than being under those bright lights.

Then Charlotte welcomed Trish to her nightmare because at Summerslam she’ll make her bow down to The Queen. “Wooooo!”

Then Trish slapped her and they had a stand-off that didn’t get physical before Flair smiles and left.

Goldberg Segment

They played a Goldberg highlight package from last night and then they started playing his music in the arena. People lost their minds when they thought Goldberg was coming out, but when the security guard knocked on the door to “Goldberg’s” dressing room, Dolph Ziggler came out instead. He got tons of heat from the crowd.

So the Show Off had an entrance with Goldberg’s music while doing the mannerisms. It was rather entertaining.

Dolph Ziggler vs Rey Mysterio

Ziggler blindsided Mysterio during his entrance and Superkicked him after going for his mask.

WWE officials flooded the ringside area and it was made pretty clear as the crowd started booing that this match wasn’t happening. Then Ziggler Superkicked him again.

He got on the microphone and said that he’s ending the legacy of Goldberg at Summerslam. “So I’m not next because this Summerslam is your last.”

Then Ali came running out to take Dolph out with a kick and a suicide dive.

Dolph Ziggler vs Ali

They had a match that literally started as the commercial break did. So, we came back and Ali was just done getting beaten up and he came back with an X Factor.

Dolph fought back and missed Sweet Chin Music before getting rolled up and taking a headbutt and then Ziggler landed one of his own and won with a Superkick.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Roman Reigns Interview

Kayla Braxton asked how Roman is keeping it together. He said he’s been through so much this year, but he’s always known what was attacking him… now he doesn’t know who’s attacking him or why they’re attacking him. Yeah. Leukemia reference.

He said it’s one thing to be in the ring and another to try and murder him with a car. He said it’s hurt his livelihood and how he protects his family. Then Kayla Braxton asked who is responsible.

Reigns publicly apologized to Samoa Joe because he knows he wasn’t a part of it and he apologized and got light applause.

Then he said he’s getting answers tonight.

Ember Moon vs Natalya

They traded holds and Ember ended up in the corner. Nattie was showing some real intensity until Moon kicked her in the jaw.

Then Ember Moon climbed to the top, but Nattie rolled outside and then she got dropped into the barricade.

Then Nattie slapped on the Sharpshooter on the outside until the referee counted them both out. Nattie wouldn’t get off of her and then Bayley ran down for the save.

Winner: Nobody

Bayley checked on Moon afterward to make sure her opponent this Sunday is okay. What a babyface!

Kevin Owens Show

KO cut off his music quickly and called out Shane McMahon who left him waiting. Then Owens finally had to yell at him to get his sorry ass out here now before McMahon came out in his $1,000 sneakers.

Shane tried to get Greg Hamilton to do his “best in the world” intro, but Kevin took the mic and didn’t let him do it.

Owens asked why Shane’s career isn’t on the line at Summerslam and it’s because of his last name so he can get away with saying and doing whatever he wants.

Then Owens asked Shane to put his career on the line too. Shane McMahon refused. Shane talked about all of the ways that Owens could lose and how there’s no shame in losing to “the best in the world.”

Then Owens said that Shane doesn’t have any balls. Mic drop. They started tearing the ring apart and were about to fight, but Elias jumped him.

Owens fought back and beat Shane down and then he took care of Elias before cleaning off an announce table and climbing up with Elias and hitting a stunner on the table.

Then McMahon blindsided Kevin Owens and punched him a bunch before kicking him a bunch and then he left Owens laying behind the announce table before tipping it over on him.

With Owens pinned under the table, Shane McMahon continued with kicking him bunches and bunches more and then he got a chair and placing it over his arm before dropkicking it.

Shane punched him some more and then some referees came down and chased him off.

Sami Zayn Promo

Zayn came out and cut a promo about how he offered Aleister Black a gift last week and he hasn’t responded to a match offer at Summerslam yet.

He said that Black doesn’t want a fight with him and then Aleister’s music hit.

Black said the match isn’t happening at Summerslam… it’s happening now.

Sami Zayn vs Aleister Black

Black knocked Sami out of the ring early on and then Aleister did his flipping taunt and they went right to commercial.

When we came back from commercial, Zayn had regained control somehow after they fought around the ring.

Black kicked out of two quick pins before Sami choked him against the ropes. Zayn was working very slow and then Black fought back before Sami hit a backbreaker for another two count.

Sami got Black in a submission for a bit and then Black fought back with a kick and a couple elbows before taking Zayn down and landing a dropkick to the face.

Aleister hit a standing moonsault and a running jumping knee to the side of the head. Then Black picked Zayn back up with his foot and hit the Black Mass. That was awesome.

Winner: Aleister Black

They aired a Firefly Fun House where Huskus The Big Boy was eating a lot of candy. Bray said he loves that Finn is in for Summerslam, but just like the Pig eats candy to feet his insecurities, Balor is just covering up for his insecurities. After all, Balor invited The Fiend. Then Wyatt said we hurt so uch and it’s time for Balor to hurt.

Chad Gable was backstage and he was doing some light workouts with bands for some reason. He put his bands down next to Elias’ guitar and Elias got in his face and told him short people have no reason to live. Then he punked Gable out bad by asking “do we got a problem?” and he walked away.

The New Day vs Daniel Bryan & Rowan

Woods and Bryan kicked things off and Xavier quickly gained control and hit a somersault dive over the top rope to the floor on Daniel before a commercial break.

When we came back from commercial Big E was just fighting back against Daniel Bryan. The New Day did a double team move on Bryan and got a two count.

Rowan took the tag and so did Woods then Rowan took control in a big way. Then Bryan took a tag and applied a head lock trying to twist Woods’ head off of his shoulders.

Woods finally fought back with an elbow and both men were on the floor. Rowan got the tag and didn’t let Woods tag in to build heat — that’s the way you do it!

They continued on until Daniel Bryan locked a LaBell Lock on Big E. Then Bryan tried to transfer it into a triangle and Big E lifted him up for a slam and a two count.

Rowan took the tag and he hit a spinkick for a two count. Woods took the tag and then Big E dropped Rowan with a clothesline before Woods climbed up for a massive elbow drop for a two count.

Bryan got speared through the ropes by Big E and then Rowan hit Woods with the steel stairs to cause a DQ.

Winner: Does It Matter?

The beatdown continued on New Day after the match and Big E took an Iron Claw Slam before Rowan held Woods up for a running knee from Bryan.

They showed Daniel Bryan walking backstage and he went into the locker room. He kicked everyone out and sat Buddy Murphy down. He asked Murphy if he did it. Because he saw he was there.

Buddy said he didn’t know anything and then he smiled a little bit before saying he still wouldn’t tell him a damn thing even if he did. So Reigns punched him out and threw him into garbage can and over a table while asking “who did it?”

The beat down continued for a bit until Murphy said “Rowan did it.”

He said “I didn’t see Daniel Bryan I just saw Rowan.”

Then they showed Daniel and Rowan standing in the ring watching on the screen as the show cut off. Well, it’s on to Summerslam now, right?!

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