Dolph Ziggler Is Very Confident In His Chances Against Goldberg At WWE Summerslam

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Goldberg showed up at the end of RAW this week and everyone paid attention to the last two minutes of the show in a big way. The video went viral and now Dolph Ziggler is in one of the biggest matches on the Summerslam card.

The Show Off spoke to WWE after this match was made official and he had a lot to say. Not only is he going to kick Goldberg’s ass, but Ziggler is also going to prove that he’s a living legend.

“I was caught by surprise, but when you’re someone who is me in this line of business, and you’ve made a career about preparing for everyone, absolutely everyone on this roster, day in and day out, Goldberg is not on that roster. So, I was caught a little off guard tonight by a couple of different people.”

“I guess I was owed a kick to the face. I have a lot to prepare for, for SummerSlam because I have made a career, a career out of every match saying ‘you don’t have a chance in this match’ and giving them one little inkling of saying ‘I am better than all of you and I can prove it tonight’ and will SummerSlam be the night? You’re damn right it will be!”

“Because every time I step foot in the ring, it’s not just to be the best, it’s not just to take over the show, to steal the show and walk out with someone’s girlfriend. I’ve done it, I’ve done it all! I have a legacy that I have to prove, not just to myself but to the entire damn world, just how good I am. I am as good as I say I am, no one else backs up anything like I do and I will prove it when I kick Goldberg’s ass in front of everybody at SummerSlam, and I will walk out the living legend that I am.”

At this point, Dolph Ziggler should be a shoo-in for the WWE Hall Of Fame. There are people who have been inducted that really don’t hold a candle to his accolades. Therefore, he is already going to reach legendary status eventually, but he wants it now.

If he can pull off a miracle in Toronto, then that could mean a new level of fame for Dolph Ziggler. Let’s just hope the match isn’t over too quickly.

Thanks to 411 Mania for the quote

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