Zelina Vega Threatens Legal Action Against Fans Who Are ‘Crossing The Line Into Obsession’

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Zelina Vega is a very popular WWE Superstar and she loves her fans. However, some of them take it over the line.

Vega recently fired off a plea on Twitter for fans to stop bringing her actual family into things. Apparently, some members of the WWE Universe were throwing shade at her family and possibly even invading their privacy. This is not appreciated one bit.


Your luv and support has always been incredibly appreciated, whether you’re a day 1 or a newbie, I am truly grateful.. but when the support crosses the line into obsession it will not be tolerated and the appropriate parties will be notified for safety reasons. So please, enjoy the product and what I do on TV, make your signs and come say hi at my signings but please, have respect for me and my family.

Hopefully, this will mean an end to anyone crossing the line into obsession. Because Vega made it pretty clear that appropriate action will be taken “for safety reasons.” Obviously, this is a very nice way of saying that if you cross the line the police will be notified.

We can’t blame her either because you can never be too careful, especially with how obsessed people can be in this day and age.

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