Fans Troll WWE Explaining How Roman Reigns Was Attacked By A Forklift

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WWE ended SmackDown Live in a very interesting way this week and fans aren’t letting them live it down.

Roman Reigns was crushed by a falling piece of the set and then more pieces of production equipment followed. Now WWE is blaming a forklift that wasn’t secured.

Fans are not buying this angle and they are now trolling WWE in a big way. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next, but it’s likely to end with Roman Reigns finding out who he’s facing at Summerslam.

It should be noted that Daniel Bryan knows how to drive a forklift. Not only did he drive one at Extreme Rules in 2014 as he hauled Kane to the ring, but he has stated in interviews how he knows how to drive one as well.

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