WWE introduced the Wild Card Rule after Vince McMahon decided on it the morning before he announced it to the world. This idea made sense at the time, but it has become confusing to the point where fans aren’t sure which brand any certain Superstar actually belongs to.

Now there are plans to nix the Wild Card Rule entirely and it will come in October according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. There is reportedly a plan to go back to the split rosters and bring back the harder lines created by the Brand Extension.

It was noted that there might be some exceptions every now and then, but the idea is that the RAW and SmackDown rosters will remain firm once the new television deals start. A lot of this is attributed to the fact that Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff are now Executive Directors of RAW and SmackDown Live respectively so a brand identity is going to be established.

They might move a couple of people around with some kind of a Shake-Up, but “the current rosters will largely stay in place.”


There may be a few minor changes right before the move of guys switching brands, but there is thought there will only be a few and the current rosters will be largely what Raw and Smackdown will each have

It will be much better for the separate brands to have definite members for each roster, but it also means that Roman Reigns likely won’t be appearing on RAW every week as well. It’s about time that WWE ended the Wild Card Rule because it was getting out of hand to a certain extent and now RAW and SmackDown can focus on their own roster of Superstars without worrying about facilitating guests from another brand every week.

Felix Upton

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