WWE is looking for as many stars as they can possibly sign right now. Because they have five different brands that they can spread Superstars across and they also have some new competition in the market. This could be a very good recipe for Tessa Blanchard soon enough.

Dave Meltzer opened up about Tessa Blanchard on Wrestling Observer Radio. She signed a two-year deal with Impact Wrestling last year. Therefore, Blanchard still has some time before any contracts need to be discussed, but once that time comes things could be very interesting for her.

“I know a lot of people going, ‘Oh if Tully is in that means Tessa will be in.’ You know, I’ll put it this way when Tessa’s contract with Impact is up which isn’t anytime soon.”

“I don’t know if WWE will take her, but I’m actually going to guess that they’ll offer her a lot of money because everyone knows she can be a big star and the key now is you don’t want her with somebody else. So Tessa is probably going to be a well-paid person when her contract is up.”


Tessa Blanchard is currently one of the top stars with Impact Wrestling which is the reason why the gave her an intergender main event match at Slammiversary. However, judging by the contracts Impact Wrestling has been reportedly locking performers in recently she might be able to make more with her first AEW t-shirt than she earns from Impact Wrestling in a year.

WWE is also in the picture because they have a ton of money as well. It’s uncertain how such a dominating personality like Tessa Blanchard’s could fit in WWE, but they would probably find a very good spot for her on top of the division. Even if WWE doesn’t push Tessa like a star she will probably be extremely well paid.

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