Eric Bischoff is coming back to WWE, but he will have an actual role of authority backstage this time and not just one on-screen. This is a very interesting move and plenty of fans are waiting to see what happens.

Although Bischoff’s job doesn’t officially start until after Extreme Rules, some people backstage were wondering why Bischoff didn’t show up to an episode of SmackDown before he officially started back with the company according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. As we previously noted, Bischoff started the long move from Wyoming to Stamford, CT yesterday morning.

It was noted that Bruce Prichard will not only be the one responsible for acclimating Bischoff to his new role backstage in WWE, but he was also the one who pulled to hire him in. This seems to confirm the amount of influence Bruce Prichard has backstage when previous report was dumped on for that same reason.

Prichard will be the one who acclimates Bischoff and is believed to be the person who pushed hardest for Bischoff. There was talk of people asking why Bischoff wasn’t at least at the show to watch how things are done before he starts full-time, and the same was said last week.


Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff have a connection through Conrad Thompson who co-hosts both of their podcasts. It wasn’t said that this association had anything to do with hiring Bischoff back on with WWE, but it is an interesting note to make. Meanwhile, Conrad Thompson has no official status with any pro wrestling company.

Summerslam could also experience some changes at this point as Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman start their own roles. As we previously reported, Vince McMahon isn’t expected to push his agenda toward the new Executive Directors in their new roles either. So this could get interesting, but there will also likely still be a transitional period as they figure this new system out.

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