Welcome to Ringside News’ SmackDown Live results. This will be a big show and as a great man once said only time will tell what will happen tonight! This is going to be fun and it all starts at 8:00 PM EST. So check back then and we’ll get going as the show kicks off.

This is the final SmackDown Live before Extreme Rules and WWE is going to cram as much as they can in the final episode before Eric Bischoff supposedly starts his new job as Executive Director.

Kevin Owens is slated to wrestle Dolph Ziggler on tonight’s show. After KO turned babyface by beating down the Show Off last week this seems like a logical place to go.

We are also going to supposedly find out who will wrestle Aleister Black at Extreme Rules as well. Black has been begging Superstars to pick a fight with him for weeks and last week someone knocked on his door. Wonder who dunnit?


We will also have a SmackDown Tag Team Summit this week on the show. Daniel Bryan and Rowan are expected to have some kind of a segment with Heavy Machinery and New Day as the three teams will be battling this Sunday at Extreme Rules.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Finn Balor is also slated for tonight’s show and that one could be fantastic if they let it go without some kind of schmoz ruining it. Nikki Cross vs Carmella is also booked for tonight’s show.

All that and more is expected tonight as SmackDown Live prepares for Extreme Rules. Check back at 8:00 PM EST and we’ll kick things off when the show starts.

Opening Segment

Dolph Ziggler was shown showing up and Kayla asked him about his former partner Kevin Owens. Ziggler called KO a “tub of excuses” and then Owens drove up honking his horn and they fought about him interrupting Ziggler’s interview.

Then Owens hit Dolph and they brawled. Luckily, there were some Superstar around to help break them up. Shane McMahon showed up and helped separate them too.

McMahon told Ziggler to get inside and kicked Owens out. It looked like KO’s lip was busted.

Shane was interviewed about this brawl and he was asked about why he cancelled the main event. He said he has a few ideas about what he’ll make the main event now.

Kevin Owens cut the intro of the show off and he jumped the barricade with a live mic. He said he’s tired of towing the company line. Then he called out the McMahon Family for their fake promise that they made when they said things were going to change.

He said nobody wants to see Shane McMahon and he has way too much power. McMahon came out and said to cut KO’s mic which they did.

Then Owens got the time keeper’s mic. He said there’s more than one microphone and called Shane an idiot. He said having McMahon on the show was a mockery for WWE Superstars.

KO started saying that Shane takes up TV time from Apollo Crews, Buddy Murphy, Asuka, Kairi Sane, and then he got ran off by security.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Finn Balor (Non Title Match)

Nakamura took control of this match from the jump and they went to commercial as he as he was stomping Finn down in the corner.

Finn tried to fight back, but Shinsuke continued to beat him down and stop every attempt for a comeback throughout the commercial break.

Balor blocked a kick and then he came back with an elbow across the throat. Nakamura blocked a slingblade and kicked him in the back of the neck before hanging Balor off the ropes and hitting a sliding German suplex.

Balor stopped a Kinshasa and hit a slingblade. Nakamura got up and drove a knee into Balor before moving to the apron where Shinsuke hit a flying knee to the side of the head.

Nakamura sent Balor into the barricade and the ring post before moving back inside. Then then went to the floor again where Nakamura hit a Kinshasa leaving Balor outside the ring. Finn got in right before the 10 count and Nakamura knocked him back outside where he sent Balor into the barricade and into the steps. Shinsuke kept beating Balor down, but he still beat the count. Then Nakamura nailed another Kinshasa and won the match.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Shane and Drew were backstage about how much better they are and how prepared they are for Extreme Rules. Elias said he has the perfect funeral song prepared. McMahon said it needs to be spooky.

Dolph Ziggler walked up and demanded a match. So they gave him one with Roman Reigns. The heels will be out there too.

Samoa Joe cut a promo in a darkened room backstage. He talked about offering Kofi safety, but he didn’t take it.

Contract Signing

Nikki Cross is representing herself and Alexa Bliss. So she apparently got Bliss’ power of attorney so she can sign for her.

Bayley told Nikki Cross not to worry because she was only out to sign a contract. She spoke about learning that people are going to stab her in the back and only use her for things. She said that Bliss has Cross doing her dirty work every night. Nikki said Bliss knows she can handle herself.

Then Bayley asked her if she’s really okay with helping someone else win a title. Then Bayley said she’s bringing everything she has. Then she said Alexa Bliss is going to lose and blame her.

Nikki Cross said she wants to help her friend. She said Bayley wouldn’t understand that because all of her friends abandoned her. Then Nikki said that her and Bliss are going to become “the first-ever SmackDown Women’s Champions Co-Champions.”

Nikki invited Bayley to stick around for her match against Carmella.

Nikki Cross vs Carmella

Nikki started things out very quickly by taking some frantic offense to Carmella. She took down Mella and hit a dropkick before hammering her head into the mat a few times.

Cross hit Mella in the back and hit a suplex for a two count before applying a submission hold. Carmella slapped Nikki and then took some punches before Mella ducked under a crossbody and then she hit a clothesline and put Nikki’s face into her boot in the corner.

Mella did a moonwalk and hit a Bronco Buster. Then Cross hit a spinning breaker for the win.

Winner: Nikki Cross

The IIconics were backstage and the Kabuki Warriors were there. Paige said they are going to take their WWE Women’s Tag Team Title match tonight.

Peyton said Billie is sick and Paige said they just make excuses and they’re just clowns. Then Paige slapped Billie Kay before reminding her that she’s sick. Then she said the match is coming.

Roman Reigns said that he and The Undertaker are gonna do their thing at Extreme Rules. Drew and Shane are going to rest in peace.

They botches The New Day’s music and started playing before Big E could do the intro. Then it stopped and he did the intro.

SmackDown Tag Team Summit

Big E said this wasn’t what he had in mind when he found out he was in a three-way this Sunday. Yep. Then Big E said after Sunday the New Day will be able to touch their championship tips together. Double yep.

Daniel and Rowan came out next. Bryan chastised The New Day’s jokes. Woods cut them off and brought up how Rowan follows so many people around and he has a problem figuring out from week to week who his daddy is.

Daniel started talking about how everyone makes jokes. Then he started to talk smack about Heavy Machinery so they came out too.

Tucker said that they took Daniel and Rowan to the limit before and they earned their opportunity to get another shot. Otis said: “Cause Tucky, we’re blue collar solid.”

Then Tucky said that they’re going to prove that “there ain’t no party like a blue collar party.”

Xavier Woods vs Daniel Bryan vs Otis

This match looks like someone hit “random” in the character select screen on WWE 2k19.

Bryan left the ring early to allow Woods and Otis to have it out. Just when Otis hit a shoulder tackle, Bryan ran back in and jumped on Otis’ back, but he was thrown off as Woods got up. Then Woods and Bryan tried to hit a double suplex, but Otis turned it around and suplex them both instead for a two count.

Rowan hit a clothesline on Woods. Then Big E and Tucker tossed him over the announce table. Then the referee kicked everyone out. So the match needed to be “reset” so they could go to commercial.

Bryan got a LaBell Lock on Woods, but Otis broke it up. Then Bryan teed off with some Yes Kicks on Otis’ massive frame. Otis hit a slam on Bryan and then Woods tried to DDT Otis, but he was caught and thrown down. Then Otis hit splashes on Bryan and Woods leaving Bryan on the mat so he did the caterpillar spot.

Woods took Otis down with a superkick then he hit a gutbuster on Daniel. Otis got up and caught Woods to slam him down and get the win.

Winner: Otis

Ember Moon was in catering. Drake Maverick was spotted hiding under a table in the shot. Then Mandy and Sonya came in to pick on her. Sonya said losing last week brought them closer. They told Ember to find a tag team partner next week so they can face them.

Aleister Black Opponent Reveal

Black’s challenger is not identifying themselves at this time. The contract is signed. Then Cesaro walked up and sat down in the chair. That match will be happening at Extreme Rules.

They asked Shelton Benjamin if he thought that Roman Reigns was going to beat Dolph Ziggler. Benjamin made a few thinking faces and walked off without saying anything. That must be his new gimmick.

Kofi cut a promo about how he’s going to become one of the greatest WWE World Heavyweight Champions of all time.

Roman Reigns vs Dolph Ziggler

Shane came to the ring with Drew and Elias just to sit at ringside.

Roman Reigns is wrestling in his second main event of the week.

Dolph avoided a Samoan Drop early on and hit a DDT followed by some clotheslines in the corner. Roman came back with an uppercut and then he went out of the ring for a drive by.

Reigns was surrounded by Elias and Drew for a bit. Ziggler distracted him and Drew shoved him into the ring post. Then Ziggler sent Roman into the barricade outside before throwing him back in for a two count.

Ziggler wrapped Roman up with a submission hold and then he kicked Roman back down before strutting a little. He got Roman back up and sent him down with a neckbreaker for a two count.

Drew whispered something to Elias on the outside and they seemed to split up on different sides of the ring. Roman hit a Samoan Drop, but he could not capitalize.

Ziggler went for his DDT, but Roman blocked it and hit some clotheslines followed by more clotheslines in the corner. Then he hit a big boot and hyped the crowd. Elias took a Superman Punch and Ziggler hit the Zig Zag for a two count.

Dolph was gearing up for a superkick, but Roman hit a Superman Punch for another two count. Roman was gearing up for the spear, but Drew pulled him out of the ring. Roman hit an over the top rope dive on Drew and Elias before Ziggler nailed Roman with a Superkick.

Shane got in the ring and Kevin Owens jumped in to hit a Stunner. Ziggler put Roman back in the ring just to take a spear for the loss.

Winner: Roman Reigns

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