WWE missed a great opportunity when it came to putting The Undertaker in the ring with Sting. However, if it was going to happen then now we know how it was supposed to go down.

It seems like WWE is getting into the game of fantasy booking their own product. Because WWE Reimagined is now a thing. You can watch the first episode below which features The Undertaker vs Sting and an amazing rivalry that never got to take place.

They asked the question “What if The Undertaker left WWE in 1997.” Then they answered exactly what would have happened with some very clever editing.

Along with current WWE superstar interviews, WWE was able to build a new history of pro wrestling. It is really quite interesting to see how Undertaker vs Hollywood Hogan would have happened. What is even more intriguing is how good they are at re-writing history.


Then they approached Sting vs The Undertaker and addressed the mega match that never happened. It really is impressive to see how WWE put it all together.

You can check out the video below and we would love to hear your comments about this.

Felix Upton

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