WWE has convinced The Good Brothers to sign new contracts. Those new deals are reportedly huge and only illustrates how much WWE wants to keep their current Superstars.

Dave Meltzer discussed WWE’s strategy of not letting anyone go. They have a ton of money and are going to use it in this new pro wrestling war. He continued to say during Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE will have to let some people go, but that will be a rare occasion.

“All I can say is WWE is making even bigger offers than people think and [The Good Brothers] was one of them. They don’t wanna lose anyone. No one’s getting fired unless they have to and because it’s the nature of pro wrestling there will probably be one or two guys a year that will have to [be fired], but not for poor performance, for disciplinary reasons.”

“WWE does not want to lose anyone right now, you know.”


It will be very interesting to see who AEW will be able to get from WWE at this point. Because at the rate that WWE is re-signing Superstars not many contracts will be actually running out before even bigger deals are on the table and signed before AEW even has a chance to speak to them.

This makes Randy Orton’s situation even more interesting because he was reportedly saying that he welcomed to hear what AEW had to offer.

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