Roman Reigns Opens Up About Jon Moxley Leaving WWE For AEW

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Seth Rollins had an opportunity to talk about his old buddy Jon Moxley when he said that he “took his ball and went home.” Roman Reigns has a much different outlook on the situation.

During an interview with Sports Illustrated, Roman Reigns opened up about how their working relationship might have changed, but he’ll always have love for Mox.

“I don’t think our working relationship is going to be what it used to be, but I’ll always love that guy, he’ll always be my close friend, and I wish the best for him.”

“I wish the best for him, his family, his wife, and we’ll always be friends for the rest of our lives.  We have a brotherhood, so I’m always cheering for him. I’ve shared so many great moments with Ambrose, or Mox.”

“We have love for each other well beyond the wrestling, and it will always be that way.” 

This is great to hear, but don’t think that Roman Reigns is going to even think about going to AEW. Reigns is very loyal to WWE and for good reason. They might never actually share the ring again, but that won’t change the bond that The Big Dog and the Purveyor Of Violence will always share.

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