Eric Bischoff has a big new role with SmackDown Live as Executive Director. This is a great opportunity for Bischoff that he is taking very seriously. He is even moving his family across the country to take the new job with WWE, but why did Vince McMahon make this decision?

Dave Meltzer discussed this decision during Wrestling Observer Radio. The fact is that Bischoff has not been keeping up with WWE’s product at all so this will be a totally clean slate. However, when he asked about why Bischoff was brought in the reasoning isn’t 100% clear except for one response.

WWE’s stock prices are awful right now. They have lost around $30 per stock unit in around three months. That kind of downward tracking needed to be stopped so McMahon brought in Eric Bischoff to help give investors more faith in the company.

It is Vince McMahon’s hope that bringing in the face of WCW’s side of the Monday Night War will elevate confidence in stock holders so the short telling will cease. Investors don’t know pro wrestling like fans do so they aren’t aware of all of the specifics in the situation. They only care about name recognition and cash flow. So the goal is that Eric Bischoff’s name will help being more cash to the company’s value.


Felix Upton

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