What Role Paul Heyman Played During WWE RAW This Week

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The Paul Heyman Era has now started on Monday Night RAW and they kicked things off with a bang, literally. RAW seemed to include several interesting segments that were not typical of WWE programming and the show had a very interesting feel all around, but how involved was Heyman in this week’s show?

Wade Keller noted on PW Torch‘s post RAW show that Paul Heyman was helping conduct the show at the Gorilla Position for the entire broadcast. He was right next to Vince McMahon and there was no sign that anyone didn’t get along at all.

In fact, the atmosphere backstage was said to have a lot of cohesiveness instead of conflict. Essentially, they were able to tell Vince McMahon’s stories with Paul Heyman’s words.

This could result in a very productive partnership, especially if they can keep this kind of thing up. There were some angles that seemed like they came right out of ECW’s playbook like Maria Kanellis announcing that she’s pregnant before burying the father of her child.

Perhaps we will start seeing more of Paul Heyman’s ideas implemented into WWE’s stories, but they were off to a very good start during his first week on the job.

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