Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley took a big bump through the back of WWE’s entrance which set off the first pyro Raw has seen in forever. Welcome to the Paul Heyman era.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE announcers were saying that Strowman might have a busted spleen due to the big fiery bump. Therefore, he might be taking a break from action. This actually works out nicely because Strowman might be a little banged up anyway.

“They said Braun Strowman had a ruptured spleen. I would think if you would say that then he’d be out of action for a little while.”

Of course, Strowman’s official diagnosis was a separated pelvis. That still might keep him out of action for a bit because the usual recovery time for that sort of injury is around six weeks, but depending on the degree of the injury it might not even be that long.


It still might be a good idea for Braun Strowman to take some time off so Paul Heyman can actually build the monster he’s supposed to be. Because Vince McMahon’s booking hasn’t done him any favors at all after the “Get These Hands” catchphrase took off. 

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