WWE surprised every fan when they announced that Paul Heyman will be the new Executive Director of RAW and Eric Bischoff will be the new Executive Director of SmackDown Live. As it turns out, fans weren’t the only ones caught off guard.

Fightful Select reports that “everyone was caught by surprise” backstage in WWE as well.

Everyone who has gotten back to Sean Sapp at this point was shocked by the new Executive Director roles on RAW and SmackDown Live. They didn’t even hear of it coming either. Therefore, nobody was likely told of this backstage because there are three great ways to spread news about something: telegraph, telephone, or tell a wrestler.

We previously reported that some were shocked that Triple H didn’t get one of the two new Executive Director positions. In fact, it was a “longtime WWE wrestler” who wondered this aloud as others have been “chattering” about it.


Another wrestler compared it to Shane McMahon wanting to improve his spot in the company but being bypassed, but we should note, this was simply discussion and chatter about why Triple H wasn’t moved into the role, without much to add to it. 

It is also reported that not everyone is behind this new announcement about a change in leadership once again. In fact, there is “some pessimism” involved in the discussions.

One wrestler noted that Vince McMahon is still in charge of everything so “that’s all you really need to know.” We previously reported how bad it is backstage in WWE right now.

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