Rusev & Lana Reportedly Disagreeing About WWE Future

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Rusev hasn’t been used properly in WWE for a very long time. His Bulgarian Brute gimmick had to be greatly toned down because of Donald Trump, and his push has yet to come back despite making everyone celebrate Rusev Day.

Brad Shepard reports that there is some dissension in the Rusev household. Because he wants out of his contract and does’t want to re-sign. However, his wife Lana does not agree and would rather stay.

According to a source in #WWE, @RusevBUL wants out, but @LanaWWE is pushing him to re-sign. He expects her to follow him if talks fall through.

Things could get very interesting from this point on because there’s no rule that a husband and wife have to work for the same pro wrestling company. You can count a few couples who are doing just that where one works for WWE and the other is with another company.

This could get very interesting especially considering the fact that Rusev reportedly asked for a hiatus which the company could always tack back onto the end of his contract if they so choose.

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