Kevin Owens is really one of the nicest guys in the pro wrestling business despite his on-screen presence of being an overall bad guy. So when he heard about a very disappointing event that happened in ROH, a place he used to call his home, he had to do something about.

Osh Kosh Big Josh, the fan who Bully Ray pulled to the back during an ROH show to give a talking to tweeted out a series of tweets to let everyone know how great of a guy KO really is.

Owens reached out to Josh and said how terrible he felt about what happened during the ROH show. Then Josh said to never stop taking the high road. He also posted a picture of himself and some buddies at ringside during SmackDown Live while he thanked KO, so we can only assume he hooked them up with tickets.

I’m going to spill a little secret for you guys.


This dude is too humble to toot his own horn so I’m going to do it for him.

After the “incident” a couple weeks ago I had an outpour of support from friends and strangers alike.

Nothing made me more confident knowing that when things go south, you guys have my back and I appreciated that more than anything

One of, if not THE, craziest outcome from my infamous backstage incident was a DM from Kevin Owens…

Kevin reached out to share his disappointment and frustration about what happened to me and to apologize for an incident that he wasn’t even apart of

I was completely taken back and had to look for that blue little checkmark because I for sure thought this was a fake account. I’ve never had any interaction with him, but he was reaching out of the kindness of his heart

THAT is the measure of a man

I had more fun tonight at the show than I have in a very long time. I’m humbled and grateful by the generosity of an absolute stranger.

Never stop being there for each other. Never stop taking the high road. Never stop being the better man. Thank you @FightOwensFight

This was a pretty great story to hear in the middle of so many bad ones going around right now. Bully Ray might have stepped over the line, but the last we heard ROH is still investigating the issue. One thing we know for sure is that Kevin Owens went above and beyond in this situation.

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