Rusev is one of the first Superstars that a lot of fans immediately bring up in a conversation about who is being ignored right now by the company. Naturally, fans would like to see him working for a company that actually uses him.

Dave Meltzer was asked on Wrestling Observer Radio about Rusev’s current WWE contract and whether another big promotion like AEW or NJPW would be interested in signing him.

“I think his deal is up relatively soon. I’ve heard nothing confirmed, but the tea leaves tell me — I mean obviously he’s not happy because he’s not there and he asked for a leave of absence, now that may mean that they’re gonna freeze him while he does that.”

“Him leaving would not surprise me at all. As far as AEW I would think that they would want him. As far as New Japan I would think that they would want him. It’s a question of how much they would go up on price for him. I don’t know what Gedo thinks of him. I would think that they would want him. I mean he’s not going to be a difference maker like Moxley and Jericho were, but he’s a good wrestler and he could do well there.”


“Honestly, I think in AEW he could do great because people will remember the Rusev Day stuff. I mean they won’t be able to do it because I’m sure they’ve trademarked Rusev Day. I mean they could always work around it and they’re really into that irony stuff so I actually think that if he left with that [AEW] fan base I think that he would do real well.”

We will have to wait and see what happens next in this situation. Rusev has a ton of talent and he just wants to be a pro wrestler. Rusev said that he would like to be WWE Champion and believes that he has the skills and passion to make it. However, it’s not up to him because Vince McMahon is still the ultimate say-so about that.

Perhaps another pro wrestling company would be able to use Rusev’s skills in a much more effective way.

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