How Vince McMahon Decided There Will Be No More Wrestling During Commercials

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Vince McMahon came up with a brilliant new idea last week to not have any wrestling going on during the commercial breaks of RAW or SmackDown Live. This could get really tricky sooner or later.

Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Radio that Vince McMahon just randomly sent out this edict in the middle of the meeting to not have any more wrestling going on during commercial breaks. It was done as a way to make WWE appear like more of a sporting event, however, McMahon might have misunderstood things.

Because sporting events don’t stop for commercials. Instead, commercials happen when the game stops. So Vince McMahon is doing this a little backwards which could end up hurting the live crowd.

“The way it was described to me was there was a meeting last Monday and Vince did the meeting and it was described that he just threw it out there like nonchalantly like ‘No more wrestling during the break’ and moved on and everyone was like, ‘What?’ So I would not be surprised if he drops this idea like really quickly because it just seems like you’re gonna kill the live crowd. Like there’s no quicker way to kill the live crowd then say we’re going to have a best of three falls match, do like a two minute match and then the crowd just has to sit there for four minutes in the dark while you wait for the commercial to end so they can start the second fall.”

Hopefully, WWE has some kind of plan, but for now it seems like they’ll be trying some clever ideas to not have wrestling going on during the commercial break.

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